The helmet cheekpieces

The helmet cheekpieces is part of the following collections: The Hallaton Treasure.

By 2011 the conservators at the British Museum had removed all the helmet remains from the soil, found at the Hallaton site. They revealed a helmet bowl (the part that sits on the head) and seven cheek pieces. A Roman helmet only needs two cheekpieces (a left and a right), so why were there five extra cheekpieces here? We do not know if the people who buried the helmet received them in this state or dismantled them for burial at the shrine. All of the cheekpieces have a roughly similar design and one definitely belonged to the helmet bowl.


Helmet Cheekpiece 1 Scaled Aspect Ratio 650 517

Cheekpiece 1 (Emperor)

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Helmet Cheekpiece 6 Scaled Aspect Ratio 650 517

Cheekpiece 6

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Helmet Cheekpiece 4 Scaled Aspect Ratio 650 517

Cheekpiece 4

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